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Safety Policies

Safety Policies are a legal requirement when you employ 5 or more people. In some circumstances they can be a very good idea however many people you employ.

They are in three parts

1)  A Statement of Intention: We intend to take care of our workers and public affected by our business as far as is reasonably practicable... with a resumé of your staffs legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

2)  A statement of the organisational structure and responsibilities within your business.

3)  The last part could be said to be the most critical:
This is the "reference manual" section. This contains the instructions to your staff that tells them how to cope with the risks thrown up by your business operation. In my opinion this should be practical and tailored to the needs of your staff and the members of the public affected by your business.
The results of your Risk Assessments should also be here.

Get your organisational structures and procedures in place and compliance with the law and the benefits it brings will come together.
There is a balancing act here too onerous a system and it will be ignored. Health and Safety should only stop the job when it needs to, before this time it should be a flexible, workable system.