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Asbestos has been a boon for many hundreds of years.

Alledgedly it was used in in Roman times, Increasingly in the 20th century it's drawbacks became more and more apparent.

In the early years of the 21st century it can be a major headache. It can also be costly.

We can help you manage your Asbestos. This starts with the locating of it using the different types of survey followed by it's sampling and  identification by an independent laboratory.
As part of the survey a risk assessment is done.

Once you know what you have the next question is what do we do about it now? 

We can offer you  advice on what to do with your Asbestos. It is not always necessary to remove it. Most Asbestos products can be safely managed if left alone.

Disposal of Asbestos waste is also a closely regulated area.

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