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The new Duty to Manage Asbestos.

What you need to know

What is it?
From the end of May 2004 if you run a business in
England and Wales you will need to have an Asbestos
Management Plan in place. This documents procedures to protect you, your workers and members of the public who are involved with your business from the risks associated with Asbestos, this includes contractors.

Who has to produce this plan?
If you have the responsibility for the maintenance
of a commercial property, then you have the duty
to prepare an Asbestos Management Plan.
What should the plan contain?
You will need to establish

  • What Asbestos is present?
  • Where is it?
  • What is the risk?

    How do I go about producing this plan?
    You can do your own management plan.
    If you have the skills and time, or you could engage a surveyor.

    When you engage a surveyor agree with him or her:                                                            The extent of the job,                                   The type of survey,                                           Make sure they are qualified and experienced,   Check they carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.
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